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The Night Bus.

It was dark and quiet night, except for the moonlight there was no other source of light. I wandered around on the street for while thinking about where I was, then when realization hit me I knew I was just around the corner from my house.I started to walk towards my house but then all... Continue Reading →


"Friendship is a beautiful flower that blossoms anywhere as long as it is tendered with gentle loving care."This quote clearly shows that friendship is a beautiful feeling shared between friends and to make it strong it needs care and love, just like a flower.Friendship is a feeling shared between more than two people. It can... Continue Reading →


birthday! the most important day of the year. time to celebrate and cherish the birth of a loved one. the time of the year where family and friends gather together and celebrate the day of birth of the loved one and tell him/her just how much they are loved. they are showered with wonderful gifts... Continue Reading →

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