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Chapter # 2!!

     Later that night, when everybody had retired to their respective rooms, I lay in bed, recalling the events of the night in my head. Thinking with a clear head, I realized that I wasn’t in love love with him. Intrigued? Yes. Curious? Most definitely. But it wasn’t love. I wanted to solve the mystery. I wanted to figure out what exactly happened, what it was that I saw. True I could’ve simply told the police but then, where’s the fun in that. An hour after the killer had left, the police arrived at the scene and started questioning potential witnesses. I was debating over what I should say to the police, when the officers came over and said, “Excuse me, miss! Are you Emma Ryan? The one who saw the suspect up close? I’m Detective Gray and this is my partner Detective Nolan.” 
     “Uh.. yes!” I replied.
     “Can you tell us exactly what you saw?” said Detective Nolan.
     “Oh. Um. It was dark so I didn’t really see anything clearly. But I could still make out his body type. He was tall, well-built, and was wearing suit pant with flip-flops and a T-shirt. It was a weird choice of clothes so kind of remembered that but…uh…that’s all.”
     “Did you see anything else? His hair color, or the color of his clothes, or anything else?” said Detective Gray.
     “No, like I said, it was dark so…” the two detectives exchanged a look, that made me think that maybe they suspected me of hiding something, but even so they didn’t ask further questions. Before I could tell anyone what I saw, I needed to be sure of it my self. I didn’t want to put an innocent man in danger because of a misunderstanding.
     “Well, thank you for your help Miss Emma. If you remember anything else, please contact us. Here is my card.” said Detective Gray.
     “OK!” I said, as I took the card. The card was pretty plain, white-colored, rough textured. It had the detective’s name, his precinct address and his office number printed on it.
     The detectives talked to other members of my family as well. After taking their statements, they left, saying they would call us if they had further questions.

     A week had passed since that night at the beach and almost everyone had forgotten about the incident. I, on the other hand, felt as if I was stuck in time, unable to move forward. I tried to drown myself into my school work, preparing my portfolio as an interior designer, so I could apply for employment soon. However, nothing I did helped me forget. I couldn’t forget the guy I saw and he had been haunting me in my nightmares. Seeing the recurring dream I realized one thing, the fear I felt wasn’t the fear you feel looking at a murderer but it was from not knowing who or where he was. I didn’t fear him, but rather feared for him.
     The police was still nowhere near identifying the suspect nor had they gotten any further with the case. That seemed to put me at ease and agitate me at the same time. I wanted to know who he was. I was almost desperate for it.
     It was few weeks later when I walked into our neighborhood cafe that I saw him again. He was sitting at the corner table, reading the paper, with coffee in hand. His brown hair seemed lighter now than that night, but then it had been too dark to really see anything then, also he was wearing glasses today. I was stunned to see him all relaxed and carefree, that for a moment, I thought that maybe I had dreamt up the whole incident. I stared at him for quite some time, long enough for him take notice and look up at me, that was when I realized that I had unconsciously moved forward and was now standing right in front of him.
     “Can I help you?” he asked, with an accent I couldn’t identify.
     “Uh….um….. H-hi!” I finally squeaked out, in a high-pitched voice, which I myself did not recognize. I shook my head a little to get my bearings, cleared my throat, then tried again. “Hey! My name’s Emma. I was just wondering if we’ve met before, because you seem vaguely familiar, but I can’t quite place where.” Lie! I knew exactly where I’ve seen him before, and now looking into those glasses covered chocolate brown eyes, I’m even more sure. It felt like Clark Kent is Superman situation with those glasses. They suited him pretty well, but I know he wasn’t wearing them that night.
     “Uh… I don’t think so. I am sure I would’ve remembered meeting such a pretty young lady as yourself.”
     Eek! he thinks I’m pretty. Wait! Get a hold of yourself Emma, more important matters to deal with here!! I mentally scolded myself. Right! Getting back on track I asked, “Are you sure? You-“
     “Yes! I am sure. I am Axel, Axel Knight, by the way. Please have a seat.” he said, interrupting me and gesturing towards the empty chair beside him.
     Uh.. Okay. That was weird. Now I know he’s hiding something. Why else would he cut me off like that. Either that or he thinks I’m annoying, but if it was that I doubt he’d ask me to sit with him. I shrugged it off and decided to just go with the flow of things, then I can figure out what he’s hiding and what happened that night.
     “Uh.. Yeah! sure. Thanks.”, I said in response to his offer and taking a seat. “So? What brings you here? Business or pleasure? Your accent doesn’t sound from around here.”
     “A bit of both, I would say. I am here because of a meeting with the CEO of a partner company, who also happens to be a very close friend of mine, and I came from Toronto, Canada.”
     “Oh, really? How nice. What is it that you do?” I asked, as the waiter came over to take my order, seeing as Axel already had a cup in his hands. I told the waiter my order and we continued our conversation after he left.
     “I’m the CEO of Knight Enterprises.”
     “Impressive. Don’t mean to be rude but, you seem young to be a CEO.”
     “Uh.. Yes, I’m 27 years old. My father started the company when he was young and I was supposed to take over after him but unfortunately fate intervened and I had to take over earlier than planned.”
     “Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t-“
     “No! No! It’s okay. It’s fine. It was a long time ago.”, he smiled.
     Oh! My! Lord! He has dimples!! I think I died and went to Heaven. I shook my head to regain focus, and smiled in return. “So, uh.. how long are you here for?”, I asked, as the waiter returned with my cold coffee.
     “The meeting was today. So, I’ll be leaving in a day or two.”
     “Oh! Really?”, I asked, a little saddened at the thought of him leaving.
     “Yes, unfortunately.” I looked at him questioningly, at which he continued,”It’s shame that I might not be seeing you again anytime soon.” he flashed a charming smile, showing his pearly white teeth, making me blush, deep red, and give him a shy, small smile in return. “So, You didn’t tell me. What is it that you do?”
     “Oh…uh… I’m in my final year at NYU, studying to be an interior designer. After that hopefully, I’ll be working at STILES design company.”
     “How nice. Good for you. I hope you succeed.”
     “Thank you.” I replied, somewhat shyly. This guy is making me react so strangely. I mean, me and shy? My family is going to think I’ve gone crazy if the see me acting like this.
     After a bit of random talking, and more questions about each other, he looked at his wrist watch, which I realized was a latest model Rolex, super expensive. Guess rich people do have expensive taste. At least he’s not completely snobbish and rude. “-going.” I realized while I was lost in my thoughts I missed what he was saying.
     “I’m sorry, what?” I asked, coming back to the present.
     He laughed at my antics,”I said I must be going. It’s getting late and there is somewhere I must be.” he said, smiling his gorgeous smile.
     I looked at the time on my phone and saw that he was right. It was getting late. It was almost 7 in the evening and since it was almost winter, it gets darker earlier. “You’re right. It’s quite late. I must be going too. It was nice meeting you Axel, hope we can meet again soon.” I smiled.
     “You too, Emma. Here’s my number. Give me a call and we’ll meet while I’m here.” he gave me his card with his personal number and name written at the back.
     “Will do.” We walked out the cafe together and said another good bye before going our separate ways. He asked if he could drop me off but I politely declined considering he had somewhere to be and I didn’t want to be a bother. Also, I suspected him to have killed somebody and unless I prove it otherwise, I am not going anywhere alone with him. However, all things considered he didn’t really come off as the murdering type. Then again, looks can be deceiving.

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