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The Trip to Churna Island!!

Yesterday me and a couple of my friends went to this awesome place called Churna Island, in Balochistan, Pakistan. We had arranged to go there via a tour company called Pak Scuba. They took us to a village called Mubarak Village via bus and from there in a boat to the island. the boat ride, itself, was amazing. hence, the excitement had increased ten fold by the time we reached the island.
At the Island, we swam in the deep crystal clear sea, dived off a 21 feet high cliff and took an underwater photography.. sadly we couldn’t do deep sea diving because of our inexperience as a swimmer. but still it was an adventure worth remembering. I especially have no idea on how to swim. mainly because i don’t go to water parks or beaches all that often.
anyway yesterday, me and friends, who by the way also didn’t know how to swim, plunged into the deep clear waters at Churna Island. the water was so clear you could see below it without having to actually go under.. 😀

the cliff dive was super scary at first especially because of not knowing how to swim.. and i was really reluctant to jump off of it.. but that was the only way down, other than that climbing down was more tricky than climbing up and a lot more dangerous. anyway, i followed my friends and up the cliff but even after being there i was determined to not dive off of it. but then one by one my friends dived. first it was a boy a friend from university and then two of my friend’s sisters dived, after a couple of other people, after them it was me, and my two friends. we were, at first, telling each other to go first, and the one of the friends, a guy, who by the way was also scared of jumping, said that no no ladies first..:p well anyway, after a bit of that discussion i went ahead first and while standing on the edge i took God’s name, closed my eyes and jumped. the ones left up came later. the girl first and the guy a bit after her and a couple of other people.. 😛
the jump was so amazing. it was simply thrilling. the time i spent in the air felt so long and when i finally hit the water it was like the most awesome thing ever. although i hit the water at a bad angle which lead to pain in my lower body, waist below all the way down to my toes.. the pain was excruciating and yet strangely not that bad to feel.. the time i spent underwater after the jump also felt long but not as long as it took to reach the water..
just before we were leaving we took an underwater photograph, individually. one by one we held our breaths when on of the supervisors pushed us under the water and other one took the photo. i had my eyes closed unfortunately but it was
still fun, sort of like when i jumped off the cliff and went under water for a few seconds. 
more than anything though we only roamed around in the water and learned to swim or more appropriately learned to stay afloat.. by the time we were ready to leave i had finally learned how to swim.. all in all it was an experience.. and i can’t wait to go again in the future..!! 


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