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“Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” This quote tells us that happiness is important in our life. It tells us that seeking happiness is our only aim and goal.
Happiness is a feeling that cannot come when we want it but when we let go of our worries and enjoy every moment of our lives. Happiness is important in our lives as without it our lives would be dull and boring. It is the excitement and spice of life, because when we are happy we see things clearly and learn to respect and cherish the true beauty of this world.
Most people think a person cannot always be happy. They may be true because life is not a bed of roses and not everything in life is good, but they are not completely right. Facing difficulties is part of life but being able to smile in those situations is the art of life. Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. Being happy does not mean that there are no problems in life and everything is just perfect, but it

means that a person has decided to look beyond the imperfections of the world and concentrate on enjoying life regardless of everything else.

Happiness is not only a feeling but also a way to judge others and begin to trust them. People fall in love with others or think of them as a good companion if they make them laugh. It does not mean that just because one makes them people will trust you but it means they will warm up to you. When we are with our friends we feel happy because they make us laugh and show us good time, regardless of whatever we do. However, when we feel sad or bored with someone we feel that they are not a very good company.
Some people think that being happy is a difficult job, but their real problem is that they think of the past better than it was, present worse than it is and the future less resolved than it will be. They do not have the power to let go of their past and move on. People who think like that can never get along with time. They will always be behind it. People who let go of the past and move on are able to concentrate on other things such as studies or make plans for the future. They can think of a future better than their past. Such people know that happiness is the key to success and not the other way around. 
In the end I would say that happiness is not a thing to be bored of, nor something to get rid of but a feeling to be cherished and spread. If you wait to be happy you will have to wait forever but if you start tot be happy you will be happy forever.

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