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Versatile Blogger Award

Okay, here we go again… This is my second blogger award *squeals* and I am super thankful to the one who nominated me, A-Day-in-My-Life. Check out the blog guys, @souadkh97 is phenomenal. Thank you again for deeming me worthy of such an award. Now let’s go over the rules of this little piece, shall we?... Continue Reading →

Dark Temptation

Chapter 1 It was a bright sunny morning, one where you would expect the day to be just as perfect. But that was not the case then. That day was one straight out of Hell!I went out for my usual morning jog around the neighborhood; though, for some reason, I was a bit hesitant. There was... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

Okay, so I’m a little new to this; but, here goes…   I want to thank Yvonne Wabai of Randomly Creative for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. It is a tremendous honor for me to have my writing accepted, appreciated, and loved by all those who share my passion for the art. For... Continue Reading →


I would just like to clarify that "If you had to choose between love and justice, what would you do?" is a work of fiction, which means the characters and places are made up. so most of the things i may mention in there are not real. thank you!

Chapter # 2!!

     Later that night, when everybody had retired to their respective rooms, I lay in bed, recalling the events of the night in my head. Thinking with a clear head, I realized that I wasn't in love love with him. Intrigued? Yes. Curious? Most definitely. But it wasn't love. I wanted to solve the... Continue Reading →

"The Family Feast"

All you food enthusiasts out there, there is a new and exciting food joint just waiting for you to come and try it out.. this place called, "The Family Feast" is family owned new food joint. its not really a restaurant, but a place that takes in orders and delivers them. Have a home-cooked meal... Continue Reading →

The Trip to Churna Island!!

Yesterday me and a couple of my friends went to this awesome place called Churna Island, in Balochistan, Pakistan. We had arranged to go there via a tour company called Pak Scuba. They took us to a village called Mubarak Village via bus and from there in a boat to the island. the boat ride,... Continue Reading →


"Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." This quote tells us that happiness is important in our life. It tells us that seeking happiness is our only aim and goal.Happiness is a feeling that cannot come when we want it but when we let go of... Continue Reading →

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